You are a company using or producing many chemicals.

Our missions are to:

  • Secure your business

    • by bringing to market products that comply with regulations,
      mainly in relation to products/chemicals they contain
    • keywords: REACH, GHS, CLP, MSDS/SDS, SAP SVT, SAP DG, ...
  • Protect your workers

    • by applying the regulations protecting against the risks associated with the use of products/chemicals
    • keywords: REACH, MSDS/SDS, chemical inventory, chemical risk inventory, summary of SDS, REACH for chemical downstream-users , Seveso, ...
  • Simplify your life

    We can tailor-made services to your specific needs.
    We serve you to with:

    • out-tasking and outsourcing services
    • assessments-audits
    • consultants and project managers, especially SAP EH&S
    • IT solutions, especially SAP EH&S
  • Master your budget

    We help you to master your budget with:

    • efficient, cost effective services
    • innovative tools and processes
    • experienced consultants