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WIC Authoring - SAAS Solution and Outsourced Services

> Your Challenges

The primary aim of companies is to promote the safe use of chemicals in the workplace and the main target users are therefore workers and those responsible for occupational safety and health.

This kind of information needs to be available for your employees as a ready to use instruction card.  In addition, Workplace Instruction Cards are regularly used as a readily available source of concise information for first responders dealing with a chemical incident. (a.o According to the German legislation: "Stoffbezogene Betriebsanweisung nach § 14 GefStoffV")

WICs are also used for other purposes, such as education and training activities.

Anyone who works with (hazardous) substances within a company must read / know this. All knowledge about working with hazardous substances is collected on 1 sheet, a WIC. Look for more information on this web page and contact us today for an exploratory conversation:

  1. Do you have basic knowledge of all aspects of chemical safety?
  2. Can you recognize the dangerous substances and the associated risks?
  3. Do you know the link between the various processes and components in the chain?
  4. Do you know how to increase the chemical safety in your organization?
  5. Do you remain aware of current affairs and regulation and law concerning chemical safety?

> Our Solution

WIC Authoring is a feature of Compliant-Chemicals, the eSpheres SAAS solution. Combined with the eSpheres HSE expertise, Compliant-Chemicals helps you make and manage WICs for chemical products in all European languages in an easy way. eSpheres can also generate complete WICs for you and activate the Compliant-Chemicals WIC distribution/publication features in order to enable your employees and first incident responders to have the latest WIC version on request at any time and at any workplace. This is also available on mobile devices. 

With our solution you comply with the information obligation from REACH, dangerous goods management, ADR and Occupation Health and Safety regulations.