SAP EHS Regulatory Content (SERC) update services

Using the SAP regulatory content software for SAP EHS ?

Many companies using the SAP EH&S Regulatory Content for Safety Data Sheet authoring are lacking skilled resources to execute the bi-annual Regulatory Content updates. This can result in a significant risk of sending non-compliant SDS to customers.

Entrust these SERC updates to eSpheres. We will do it for you. Our service includes, among others:

  • Analysis of the impact of the SERC update
  • Alignment of property trees with the latest updated data model (classes & characteristics) 
  • Installation and alignment of phrase catalog, phrases and phrase sets to the most recent ones.
  • Deployment of new regulatory content for substances & dangerous goods on customer servers or PC (Cleo PS & DG)
  • Review and update rules, install or write new rules (SAP EHS Expert)
  • Review and update standard and customer templates (SAP EHS WWI).
  • Assume the fine-tuning of the customer SAP EH&S landscapes
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