eSpheres consultants help you to deploy the SAP Incident and Accident management that supports you with managing incidents and accidents in your company. In addition to accidents in their exact sense, you can also manage incidents (accidents without injury to persons) and ‘near-accidents.’

SAP Incident and Accident Management module provides following functionalities:

  • Displaying and entering incident/ accident data in an incident/accident log
  • Creating, displaying, printing, and shipping the relevant reports, for example: the accident report
  • Transferring injury/illness log data to the incident/accident log

> Business concerns & impacts

In terms of social responsibilities, companies have to assume the inherent consequences of any accident/incident that occurs in their locations with:

  • High level of compensation costs in case of human or environmental damages
  • Costs of trial or fines
  • Image & brand name degradation
  • Promoting incident/accident prevention is a top priority for companies
  • Reduce risk and financial costs
  • Proactively reduces operational risks
  • Assure compliance
  • Assure business continuity
  • Decrease of insurances costs
  • Defining a uniform way to manage accident/incident across the company
  • In the company put in place an active prevention plan

> The SAP EHSM Incident & Accident Management

It is a unified and standardized support tool for managing :

  • Observations, near misses, non-conformities, accidents & incidents
  • Initial reporting of accident/incident
  • Processing of accidents / incidents
  • Investigation on accidents / incidents
  • Actions undertaken & follow-up
  • Legal follow-up
  • Compensations
  • Reports & analytics
  • Risks preventions & follow-up (in line with risk assessments process)