SAP EHS support & maintenance services

You are a SAP Partner ? Having to struggle to SAP EHS support and maintenance activities for your customers ?

Maintenance and support activities have to be performed on SAP EHS landscapes in order to help your client's users but you don't have all the required ressources or skills for efficiently assuming these.

Use eSpheres SAP EHS support and maintenance services

We support and maintain the SAP EHS application of your customer on your behalf with a defined Service Level Agreement. Our services can include the following activities related to  SAP EHS, SAP EHSM, WWI & Templates, Expert and Rules systems, OCC & Content, and Interfaces:

  • Support / Problem management
    • 1st, 2d and 3d levels support with ticketing system
  • Maintenance
    • Corrective maintenance
    • Adaptative maintenance
    • Preventive maintenance
  • Improvements services
    • Change requests
    • Performance Optimization(technical and/or business processes)

The service is provided off-site (=remotely), in English, French or Dutch.

The performance of our service is monitored on-line and reviewed with you quarterly.

Our pricing is transparent and determined after an short audit. It consistes of:

  • a monthly fee for recurrent standardized operations
  • price per ticket for on-demand standardized operations 
  • hourly price or lumpsum for non-standard operations (case per case quotations to be accepted by the client).

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