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Compliant Chemicals for Product Regulatory Affairs

Compliant-Chemicals by eSpheres is the best web portal to allow all your managers and workers to access relevant safety and compliance information.

  • Open system: you can use your own company portal to publish Compliant-Chemicals information
  • Product oriented:
    • Product, supplier's product, product variants
    • Composition
    • Compliance certificates,...
  • Substance oriented:
    • Composition
    • Substance control lists for SVHC tracking,...
  • Worker oriented:
    • Workplaces
    • Products, substances and GHS Hazards exposures
  • Safety and Risk oriented:
    • Safety Data Sheets
    • Safety/Workplace Instruction Cards
    • GHS Hazard
    • Risk Assessment, ...
  • Location oriented:
    • Industrial plants
    • Legal companies,
    • Locations
    • Workplaces
    • Qualitative and quantitative product and substance tracking
  • More than a simple database:
    • Store data
    • Compute data
    • Give alerts
    • Publish data
  • Secured system:
    • Demanding but versatile access control rules
    • Professional data center (EU based)
    • Daily backup
    • Redundant servers
    • Scalable solution (designed to support several thousands of users)